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Welcome to the new Internet site BenedictusXVI.com

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BenedictusXVI.com is a new Internet portal dedicated to the life and work of the Pope Emeritus. With the launch of this website, we are laying the foundation for a major international project. The ultimate goal is to create an attractive digital knowledge portal that will become the authorized location where the “Life, Thought, and Work” of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI is collected for the whole world.

The contents of these pages have been created with the collaboration of experts both in Germany and throughout the world. The development and expansion of this Internet portal is a joint effort conducted by the Tagespost Foundation for Catholic Journalism and the Pope Benedict XVI Institute. The Pope Emeritus himself has given his approval to this project.

What it's all about?

Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI has been one of the most important and influential personalities in the Catholic Church in recent decades and in the intellectual history of that era. His significance and his international impact are reflected both in his work and in the men and women who see him as a source of direction and insight, an intellectual “home”.

The theology of Benedict XVI is a theology dedicated to the service of the truth. It burns bright with the beauty of faith, allowing the splendor of reason to shine forth. This is what makes it especially attractive.

Many attempts have been made to portray the Pope Emeritus as emblematic of an outdated way of thinking that needs to be overcome once and for all. In view of the historic significance of Benedict XVI, this is a total misjudgment of his work, one that gets it entirely backwards.

This Internet portal aims to counteract one-sided accounts, common clichés, and distorted images by offering facts, quality, and the truth in order to promote a view of Benedict XVI’s life and work that is free of any unfair prejudice.

At the same time, we are not interested in nostalgia, the romanticization of the past, or the building of a cult of personality. This project is about the future, and www.BenedictusXVI.com has set before it the task of unlocking the rich treasure that is the work of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI for the coming generations.

Papst Franziskus links im Bild umarmt den emeritierten Papst Benedikt XVI. am 8. Dezember 2015 im Vatikan.

Why is this important right now?

In a time when every foundation appears to be wavering, there is a need for “lighthouses” that point the way to Eternal things. The theology of Joseph Ratzinger is such a lighthouse, providing direction, clarity, and reliable guidance amid the turbulent seas of conflicting opinions and the storm of secularism.

Therefore, the authoritative interpretation of the work of Joseph Ratzinger must not be left to those who eagerly await the chance to “bury” an entire century’s worth of what they consider to be erroneous views and outdated theology along with Benedict XVI.

This new Internet portal aims to contribute to the long-term promotion of positive views of the work of Benedict XVI for audiences beyond academia. With its attractive design and impressive content, this website hopes to play an active role in the “conversation” as it plays out in the media and in society, engaging young people as well.

In view of the life’s work of a once-in-a-century theologian, www.BenedictusXVI.com would like to offer ways of accessing the Faith, helping to open up the doors of understanding. In this sense, this Internet portal sees itself as a media contribution to that evangelization to which Pope Francis tirelessly calls the Church.

What is being created here?

This Internet project will continue to grow in order to fully encompass the richness of Joseph Ratzinger’s work. A basic version of the site will first be launched in German, and is meant to provide an initial impression of this project. This basic version will then be expanded by the gradual addition of more content and translation into additional languages.

What you see here on this website today is only the beginning. Additional articles on the major speeches and sermons of Benedict XVI are already in the works and will be available soon. The enormous theological oeuvre of Ratzinger is being made progressively more accessible by authors in Germany and around the world.  The “Benedict ABC’s”, which uses Ratzinger texts to introduce the basic concepts of the Faith, is constantly being expanded.

New sections and design elements to be added will appeal to people interested in familiarizing themselves with the work of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and deepening their own faith. One of our next objectives for this website is to integrate video and audio documents. This is something we are already working on.

Man sieht Papst Benedikt XVI. von hinten, wie er Pilgern zuwinkt.

How can I help?

At the same time as we are adding content to the basic German version, we’ve already begun translating the site into English. The goal is to be able to present this vast store of information to an international audience beyond the German-speaking world.  Versions in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and other languages are currently planned.

The technical and editorial groundwork has been done; the foundation has been laid. Now we can begin adding to and expanding upon it. You can the follow the growth of www.BenedictusXVI.com. And you can help to make sure this project moves forward. If you would like to help support the cause of this online project, we would greatly appreciate it. That may be in the form of prayer, financial support, or just by helping to spread the word about  www.BenedictusXVI.com bekannt zu machen.

Clemens Neck, Christoph Konopka, Bernhard Müller, Dr. Norbert Neuhaus

on behalf of this project of the Tagespost Foundation for Catholic Journalism 


Dr. Christian Schaller

The Pope Benedict XVI Institute