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Benedict and young people

Faith inspires:

Meeting Benedict XVI in person.

Faith unites:

Young people from every continent on a boat with Benedict XVI.

Around one million people attended the Final Mass at World Youth Day in Madrid on August 21, 2011. Faith in Jesus Christ is only possible in community, Benedict XVI called out to the young people in the crowd.

A warm welcome from a young woman in New York in April 2008.

Benedict XVI came to World Youth Day in Cologne a few months after he was elected Pope. Participants still see those days in Cologne as an experience they will never forget.

Though he was celebrated like a rock star, it was often his soft tones and quiet moments that people found particularly moving.

The Church is young: Young people cheer the Pope during the welcome ceremony with Benedict XVI at World Youth Day in Sydney 2008.

World Youth Days illustrate in a special way that the Catholic Church truly is a universal church.

Tens of thousands of young people in one place and yet you could have almost heard a pin drop it was so quiet at the vigil with Pope Benedict XVI on September 24, 2011 in Freiburg. During the vigil at the exhibition grounds the Pope called on young people to be resolute in their faith.

The passing on of the faith to the younger generation is a matter very close to Benedict XVI’s heart. World Youth Days provide a special opportunity to do this.