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Global Prayer:

Images from Benedict XVI’s trips around the world

During his time in office, Benedict XVI visited all six inhabited continents. As Pope, he completed 24 apostolic journeys outside of Italy, in addition to 31 pastoral trips to locations within Italy, including San Marino.

Crowds of people, yet moments of intense silence: Benedict XVI’s pastoral journeys were marked by the communal celebration of the Eucharist.

In Turkey, Benedict XVI and Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I issued a joint statement emphasizing the Christian roots of Europe. In view of the situation faced by Christians in Turkey, they called for the recognition of religious freedom.

Benedict XVI arriving to say mass at a baseball stadium in Washington.

Talking to journalists on the plane is an integral part of a Pope’s travels abroad.

Faith expressed in stone: Benedict XVI speaks from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Aboriginal Australians greet the Roman Pontiff in Sydney.

Tirelessly going to where the people are – by land, by sea, by air.

A dance for the successor of the Apostle Peter. Benedict XVI in Cameroon.

Beaming faces: An enthusiastic reception for Benedict XVI in Africa.

A Pope you could reach out and touch: Ratzinger had always had a reputation as a great intellectual. In the Petrine office he demonstrated how warm-hearted and approachable he was. He had no fear of close contact.

Wherever Benedict XVI traveled, the sick and the disabled received his special attention.

Everyone wants to see the Pope. The Popemobile makes its way through the excited throngs of people.

“You are the future of the Church.” Whether at World Youth Day or on one of his pastoral journeys, a central theme of Benedict XVI’s papacy was the transmission of the Faith the coming generations.

A warm welcome in Jordan: Benedict XVI with King Abdullah and Queen Rania.

A picture seen all around the world: The German Pope at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

During his time in office, Benedict XVI completed 31 pastoral journeys within Italy. In Venice, he got around on a gondola.